Why Are My Gears Grinding? MILTA Technology

Why Are My Gears Grinding?

Grinding gears is never a good sign. If you feel or hear your gears grinding it’s best to get it checked
out. There several different potential causes and none of them are good. The sooner you sort the
problem, the less damage will be done. If you want to know what is causing the grinding, here are a
few of the possible culprits.

Torque Converter

The torque converter is possibly the most complicated mechanical component in an automatic car. It
is also absolutely vital for the smooth transition between gears. It smoothes out the power sent to
the transmission during acceleration and deceleration. If there is any damage to this crucial
component, you will experience grinding when you shift during acceleration and deceleration.

Transmission Fluid

Keeping your transmission fluid topped up and in good condition is vital. It ensures the condition of
your gears. If the levels become low, or there is debris in the transmission fluid, then the gears can
begin to rub against each other. This will cause heating and lead to severe damage. If left untreated,
this will go on to damage the transmission and the gears themselves.

Damaged Transmission

There are many different ways that your transmission can go wrong. The issue can be inside the
transmission, the drive train or the connection between the two. Problems with shifting and gears
that grind can have many causes that a gearbox expert will need to diagnose.

Damaged Gears

If the issues are mostly limited to changes between a single gear, this can indicate damage to that
gear. It can be hard to tell in an automatic, but if you only have the issue in a limited number of
situations, then this might be an indication that a damaged gear is responsible.

Bad Driving Habits

It might come as a surprise, but even in an automatic, the way you drive can have an impact on the
health of your gears and transmission. If you regularly push your car hard and accelerate
aggressively, this can lead to damage within the transmission. This can, in turn, lead to the grinding
of gears. Even in an automatic vehicle, you still need to look after your gears.

If you need help diagnosis grinding gears in your vehicle, contact the gearbox experts at Milta today.

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