Case study 1

Audi A4 from 2003

Once we received a call from an owner of an Audi A4 from 2003

She was desperately looking for a decent car workshop, as her car was not functioning properly and in some other garage, she was informed that what she need is a full recon of her transmission and that it will cost £3500. She was not sure if the symptoms of the car were that serious and wanted to double-check with other places to diagnose the potential problems. And that might have been one of her best decisions in life regarding her car.

Just by what she told us over the phone about the problems that she had with her car, we thought that all that might be wrong could be the cables within the Transmission Control Unit. She decided to move her car from the first workshop and leave it in our hands, so we can precisely diagnose the issues. We went to take the vehicle and transported it to our garage, so she didn’t have to be bothered by the logistics. Then we carefully examined the car with our standard procedure.

We started with connecting the car to our computer and checked for any faults

From the error codes, we’ve discovered that it is definitely a problem with the wires that connect some of the electronic components in the TCU. We called the owner to pass her the good news, that she does not need a full recon of her gearbox, as the mechanical part of it seems to work perfectly fine. We confirmed if we should go on with the repair and began with what we love to do the most – solving the problems.

It took us only two hours to fix the control unit, and after that, the car was as good as new. The cost of the whole repair was only £300, which meant for our customer £3200 pounds saved by choosing the right car workshop to leave her car at. You can imagine how happy she was when she stopped by to collect her car and drove it back home working seamlessly.

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