Case study 3

Volkswagen Golf with a DSG double-clutch transmission

Sometimes if you try too hard to make things cheaper, you may end up spending much more than you would normally have to pay. I guess you probably know such stories from your life, and we would like to tell you about one of our customers that had a similar experience.

The owner of a Volkswagen Golf with a DSG double-clutch transmission reached our workshop, complaining about some problems with his car.

After a quick recon, we found out that there is a malfunction of the Transmission Control Unit that led to burning the clutches. We informed the owner that in such case, we need to perform a full recon, repair the mechatronic part and replace the clutches, which costs £1700 in total.

Unfortunately for the owner, he was not willing to pay the price of a normal repair, and he started to figuring out how he could fix his car cheaper. He found a used TCU unit on eBay for £500 and asked us to replace the old part with the one he bought. As we always serve to our customers’ needs, we installed the new part, but it turned out to not function at all. The owner tried to return the faulty part, but it turned out that there is no such possibility.

After some time spent on trying to convince the seller to take back the defective TCU with no success

the owner of the Golf still didn’t want to listen to our advice and started to look for another control unit on the internet. We installed another part that he bought, and it also wasn’t working properly, putting the clutches in a risk of getting burnt again. Thus, replacing the clutches didn’t help the original problems as the transmission was not controlled properly by the electronics.

Finally, the car owner decided to follow our advice, and we were allowed to perform the standard repair. Instead of saving his money on buying a used part, he spent quite a sum on nothing and still had to pay for the full recon, plus the cost of replacing all the TCU’s. That is why it is not worth to try to economise on everything and rather follow the advice of the experienced professionals.

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