Automatic Gearbox Repair and Replacement

We are the UK renown leader in automatic gearbox repair and replacement – offering same day service and luxurious facilities for our customers.

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We’re closed during Christmas and New Year.

The Milta Technology is closed during the period 21st December until 5th January 2020 due to the Christmas holiday period.

We apologise for any inconvenience and look forward to being in touch with our customers again from Monday 6th January.

Premium Lamborghini & Bentley automatic transmission repair

We are a certified VAG group partner, providing the highest quality repair and replacement service for automatic gearboxes. Our work quality is renowned throughout Europe.

We can collect your car pretty much from any location or you can visit our HQ in Bristol and enjoy our luxurious client area.

Wondering what we do?

Automatic gearbox repair and rebuild

Replacement, rebuild and repair of VAG group automatic gearboxes and computers at our Milta Technology Headquarters in Bristol.

We can come and collect your car as well. Our service range will cover:
  • 6, 7 and 8 speed Multitronic automatic gearboxes
  • 6 speed DSG automatic gearboxes
  • 7 speed dry and wet clutch DSG automatic gearboxes
  • 7 speed S-Tronic DSG automatic gearboxes
  • 6 and 8 speed Tiptronic automatic gearboxes
  • NEW! 6, 7 and 8 speed automatic gearboxes for hybrid cars
  • R-Tronic automatic gearboxes exclusive for Audi R8
  • Mechatronic replacement and repair
  • ECU and/or valve body repairs

Please check us out on our facebook page if you like to stay on top of our latest works and events.

What is going on with Bristol Gearbox Centre?

Well known Bristol Gearbox Centre is rebranding and completely transforming inside out. Bristol Gearbox Centre is now a sub-brand of MILTA Technology. The sole purpose of Bristol Gearbox Centre stays the same, to deliver refurbished and remanufactured VAG group automatic gearboxes to the highest standard. Where MILTA Technology has a much more holistic purpose by re-imagining high-end customer and automotive services.
This is what is coming this year!
  • New, big, overarching brand,
  • Comprehensive and user-friendly website
  • Unique tutorials and insights from industry top experts
  • Stunning new workshop
  • World class, luxurious customer waiting rooms

If you are interested in our latest pricing you can find it here

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Need new automatic gearbox repair and replacement?

You can trust us with your precious car, we deliver on time, on budget and to the highest standard. Our customers travel to us from around the world. This means more to us than money. It's pure passion.

Give us a call, leave the car keys and the next thing you know, is your car back in working condition.

+44 (0) 1454 411743

[email protected]


Full range of a brand new computers and VAG group gearboxes for sale.

We have a large number of new computers and VAG group gearboxes available. You need same day automatic gearbox repair and replacement, you can simply get in touch with us by phone to book a repair or replacement, or you can simply send us an email with your order.

[email protected]

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