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Why Your Next Audi Could Help The Environment

Audi is committed to meeting the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. That means making a fleet that is CO2-neutral by 2050. With this challenging target to aim for Audi are doubling down on electric car technology. In doing so, are looking to not only change the way that their cars work but possibly also the entire national grid.


Using Electric Cars As Flexible Energy Storage

Audi has been developing a new type of charging system. Their new system is bi-directional. That means that you can use your home to charge your car, and you can use your vehicle to power your home. 

For an individual homeowner, this has a few benefits. Having a large battery to store energy means you have a large buffer in case of a blackout. It’s essentially like having a generator ready to go. Consequently, you could use this flexible storage to decrease your energy bills. If you are on a variable tariff, so, for instance, it is cheaper to charge overnight. 

The benefit of this system is that you can charge up your car when it’s cheap, then use it to power your home when it would be more expensive. There are even circumstances when you might be able to sell the energy back to the grid. For example, if there are power fluctuations in your area.

From a broader standpoint, having a considerable fleet of flexible batteries provides options for maintaining lower average output levels from power stations. We make more energy than we need so we don’t run out. But with a large number of batteries, we can more easily meet demand without overproduction. This will save on greenhouse emissions.

Furthermore, if this was adopted widely by vehicles, then in the case of a national disaster, you could drive your car to a location that has been cut off from the grid. Then use the vehicle to provide an electricity supply. 


Maximising The Potential of PV Energy Generation

Photovoltaic (PV) panels are limited as they only generate energy depending on the weather. If you have panels on your home, you can use your car battery to store the extra power. This means you can use it when you need it. For any homeowners who have considered PV panels, this could be the missing piece that makes them the right choice.


Keeping Usability At The Forefront

Audi hasn’t forgotten that they are making cars. They have taken pains to make sure that all of this flexible storage does not come at the cost of having a useable vehicle. There is intelligent software designed to control the process to give you the best of both worlds. 

So, with Audi’s focus on cutting electricity costs and saving the environment; will your next vehicle be an Audi?

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