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The UK’s Most Stolen Car And How To Keep Your Vehicle Safe

One every nine minutes. That’s how often a car was stolen in the UK in 2019. You might be wondering which types of vehicles are most likely to be stolen and if yours on the list. The top five most stolen cars are a fairly predictable list, with the most popular vehicles filling its ranks.

UK’s Most Stolen Car: Ford Fiesta

It’s no surprise to find this car at the top of the list. It’s simply a numbers thing. This is by far the UK’s best selling car, so there are plenty out there to be stolen.

Range Rover

This luxurious and distinctive car is a popular target for theft. Car thieves took almost 2,000 last year. The Autobiography version was a favourite quarry, probably because it comes so well equipped.

VW Golf

Thieves stole 1,331 Golfs in 2019. This is most likely due to a mix of availability and desirability. There are plenty on the roads, and they are still in high demand.

Ford Focus 

The Focus is the third best selling car in the UK, just behind the VW Golf. So it’s no surprise to find it just below the Golf in numbers stolen as well!

BMW 3 Series

This is one of the most popular prestige model cars on the UK’s roads. So, it’s not only flashy and desirable, but it’s also reasonably easy to find one. 

Top Tips To Keep Your Car Safe

With only 40% of stolen cars ever getting back to their owners, you’ll want to keep yours as safe as possible. So here are a few top tips for deterring thieves.

Make Sure Your Doors Are Locked

Many people use their remote to lock their cars. Drivers who do this should check their doors are really locked. Thieves can use signal jammers to stop the signal from getting to your vehicle. Try turning on the audio confirmation. The sound confirms that you successfully locked your doors.

Plan Your Parking

Make it as hard as possible for someone to drive off with your car. This can mean turning the wheels as you park, driving into space instead of reversing and using your driveway.  

Security On Show

Have something visible on your car that indicates it has more security measures installed. You could use an alarm sticker, a wheel lock, or the license plate number etched into the windows.

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