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The UK’s Most Stolen Car And How To Keep Your Vehicle Safe MILTA Technology
Nov 09, 2020
The UK’s Most Stolen Car And How To Keep Your Vehicle Safe

One every nine minutes. That’s how often a car was stolen in the UK in 2019. You might be wondering which types of vehicles are most likely to be stolen and if yours on the list. The top five most stolen cars are a fairly predictable list, with the most popular vehicles filling its ranks. […]

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Audi TT yellow super car
Nov 06, 2020
What Is A Semi-Automatic Gearbox?

What Is A Semi-Automatic Gearbox? A semi-automatic gearbox contains features of both an automatic and a manual transmission. With a semi-automatic gearbox, you can drive in either fully automatic mode or manual mode. Offering the driver much more choice in how they choose to drive, but is this the right option for you?  n automatic […]

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Audi Q series in winter
Oct 30, 2020
Winter Mode In Your Vehicle Explained

There are so many features on modern cars that it can be easy to miss ones that can be a big help. Winter mode is one that you might not know about, though it can offer benefits in less than optimal road conditions. Here’s everything you need to know about winter mode. What Does Winter […]

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