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3 Key Aspects To Check When Buying A Used Automatic Car

Automatic transmissions are becoming increasingly popular among city dwellers and those that do a large amount of day to day driving. An automatic car is generally far easier to drive, without the effort of changing gears and handling the clutch.

While many new cars are being produced as only automatic transmissions, and manual versions are becoming less common, they are not cheap to buy brand new. Many drivers seeking an automatic vehicle will look for a used car as a more cost-effective option; however, there are a few things to look out for;

  1. Transmission Fluid

When you are choosing an automatic transmission car, you should bear in mind that they are very sensitive to the quality of transmission fluid. It is always worthwhile double checking this when considering purchasing a used car, as poor quality or burnt oil could lead to problems with the transmission down the line.

Check the dipstick/filler for the automatic transmission fluid when you look at the car. The fluid should be red in colour, and if it has turned to brown then this a sign that it needs replacing. If it has become black, then it can indicate that there is already transmission trouble.

You should also double-check the level of the transmission fluid. This should sit on the maximum mark when the car is hot, or just below when cold. Anything lower than this could indicate a leak somewhere.

  1. Check The Modes

It is always worth taking a potential car for a test drive, and when you do so, make sure you check through all the modes. Change the transmission into each of the modes and check if the vehicle is always moving smoothly.

Remember that a car with a Constantly Variable Transmission (CVT) will rev highly before moving and matching the speed and rpm. This is completely normal, but any cars that continue to rev highly could suffer from a slipping variator which is an expensive fix.

  1. Check The Kick Down Function

All automatic cars should be fitted with the kick-down function. This means that when you are driving normally and quickly press the accelerator all the way, it will automatically drop the gear and pick up the pace. Any automatic car that doesn’t do this could require some attention.

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