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The Top Five Christmas Driving Tips

Last year, almost 2.5 million people hit the roads in the days leading up to Christmas, hoping to make it home to see family and friends or do some last-minute shopping. Traffic usually starts increasing around the 19th of December, with the Friday before Christmas often called ‘Frantic Friday’. Unfortunately, with so many cars on the road, the chances of accidents happening increase. To avoid these, here are the top Christmas driving tips to help keep you, and your family, safe.

Plan Ahead

Traffic is unpredictable over Christmas. Not only are there potential accidents to contend with, but there are also road works and traffic jams. These can lead to lengthy delays. Which means it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Use route planners to show where there are delays and how to avoid them.

Avoid Busy Periods

There is more traffic on the roads during certain times of the day, the early morning or evening commute, for example. Drivers who don’t have to be somewhere at a set time should avoid these, travelling when traffic is lighter.

Check the Weather

While a white Christmas can be beautiful, driving in snow or severe wind or rain can be treacherous. Which is why it’s important to not just look at what the traffic might be like but also at the weather conditions. If there are severe weather warnings, drivers need to consider if it’s safe to get on the road or better to stay home.

Monitor Alcohol Intake

The Christmas period is one where people tend to drink more than they might otherwise, leading to fuzzy heads the next day. It can also lead to people being over the limit or finding their driving impaired the next day. Those who aren’t sure if they are over the limit should avoid driving, asking a friend or relative for a lift or taking public transport wherever they need to go. Remember you can’t just sleep alcohol off, you may still have alcohol in your system from the night before.

Stay Alert

Finally, even if people don’t drink the night before, Christmas tends to be a time for staying up later and getting up earlier. This can lead to tiredness, which – in turn – affects a person’s ability to drive. Drivers who feel tired should take a break or share the driving with someone else.

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