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Time-Saving Hacks: How To Demist Your Car Quickly

As the weather grows colder, you may find that you are needing to spend more of your time in the mornings demisting your vehicle. When you’re already late for work or trying to avoid the traffic, you need to begin your journey as quick as possible. So, to help you speed up the routine in the morning, here’s how to demist your car – fast.

First – Know TheLaw

While you may think you know your route like the back of your hand, you need a clear windscreen for safety. The law says that you must be able to have a clear view of the road ahead before you begin driving. Furthermore, you need to be able to see out of every window in your vehicle.

So, before you set off while your windscreen is still slightly foggy, make sure to wait until it is entirely safe to do so.

Warm Up Your Car

As soon as you get in your car, it is time to start using the heater. Most people will instantly blast hot air on to the windscreen. However, the most effective way to use your heaters is to actually start with cool air that begins to dry the air out and then gradually increase the temperature to hot.

This method dries the vapour and then heats to clear, rather than instantly blasting the screen with hot, wet air that will cause vapour to condense.

For this to be most effective, make sure all the fans are directly at the windscreen and windows.

Set Your Climate Control Setting

A climate control system is a great tool for demisting your car. It works by automatically adjusting the temperature and environmental settings in the vehicle to increase the ventilation and speed up the demisting process.

So, once you’ve set the heaters, switch on the climate control setting too.

Open the windows

If your vehicle doesn’t have a climate control setting or air-conditioning system, then the best way to reduce the water vapour in your car is to open the windows.

Remember, it works best if you stand outside of your vehicle while you are demisting your car. Your breathing releases warm vapour which will increase the mist, not reduce it. Just don’t go too far; otherwise, you leave your vehicle exposed to opportunist thieves.

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