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What Is A Transmission Control Module?

While an automatic vehicle is loved for its simplicity and ease, it is still important to know how your vehicle works, just in case there is ever an issue. By having an understanding of what goes on under the bonnet means you are more likely to spot problems early on which usually means a cheaper and easier repair. In your automatic vehicle, one of the key features that gets you around is the transmission control module.

Without your transmission control module, your car simply cannot operate. So, just what is a transmission control module, and why is it so important?

Transmission Control Module Explained

The transmission control module works between your transmission and engine. The transmission control module is the aspect that analyses and calculates the right time and place to change gear. This transmission control module, also shortened to TCM, works to make the driving experience as smooth and as comfortable as possible.

Furthermore, the TCM also helps to send codes to the computer in your car to alert you to any issues. If the TCM detects a problem, it will send a code to the vehicle’s computer. The computer will then inform you of the issue through lights and warning signals on your dashboard. Usually, this will be a check engine light which will tell you that something may not be right under the bonnet of your car.

Why your TCM is so important

The TCM helps your vehicle to change gears when it needs to. Without this function, your car wouldn’t be running efficiently. Furthermore, it can lead to excessive wear and mechanical issues when you can’t change gears at the right time. As well as this, a vehicle that cannot change gears with ease can ruin the driving experience.

The TCM ensures optimal efficiency when it changes gears to help you get more fuel for your miles and keep your running costs down.  This is through the TCM’s ability to make gear changes smooth to reduce the wear and tear on the gears.

The TCM is also incredibly important in alerting you to dangers and issues relating to the transmission. Without a fully functioning TCM, your vehicle may suffer serious damage without you being alerted to the problem. Consequently, this could be severely dangerous and expensive to fix.

It is vital to stay aware of any issues that may affect your transmission control module that leaves it performing below par. If you believe there is an issue with your TCM, talk to our experts about it by calling +44 (0) 1454 411 743.

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