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What Is An Output Shaft?

When you own a vehicle, you want to minimise the potential of anything to go wrong. To do this, you need to have a good understanding of all the parts in your vehicle, how they work and interconnect with each other as well as what to look out for if there is an issue. If you have an automatic car, then the gearbox may be slightly different to what you are used to, so it’s essential to understand how it works and its key components, like the output shaft.

So, just what is an output shaft and why is it important?

Output shaft explained

An output shaft connects the drive wheels to the automatic gearbox in your vehicle. The output shaft is the component that carries the power out of the transmission to the wheels.

Depending on the speed you select and the gear that the automatic transmission sets, the output shaft will turn at the speed you determine. Compared to the input shaft, the output shaft typically turns at a slower rate in order to ensure that the wheels continue to turn at a manageable and safe speed.

Of course, when you get to a higher gear, the speed increases and the output shaft turns at a rate almost as close to the speed of the input shaft.

Consequently, the output shaft allows the vehicle to travel at a fractionated speed of the automatic gearbox to keep the car safe and manageable. You can also consider the output shaft as having a wider range of speed, because the gearbox is able to change to speed ration between the input shaft and the output shaft.

Aside from a small loss of power from the gearbox efficiency, input and output power are almost the same.

Problems with an output shaft

If you notice excessive vibration and noise from your vehicle, then the output shaft may be to blame. While usually an output shaft will last the lifespan of a car, occasionally things can go wrong. If they do, it could be that the shaft is wobbling which means it is unable to transfer power effectively.

If you have noticed a problem with power or an excessive level of noise of vibration from your vehicle, your output shaft may be to blame. Find out more by booking in a diagnostics appointment with our expert team by getting in touch.

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