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Top Hypermiling Tips To Change Your Driving Style

If you are looking to increase your MPG and enjoy a motoring challenge, then hypermiling is for you. Hypermiling is a series of driving techniques and styles that you can adopt that reduces the demand on the engine and, therefore, improves fuel economy. In fact, research shows that you can improve your fuel economy by up to 37% by adopting hypermiling techniques. Hypermiling is growing increasingly popular, not just to save money but as an addictive challenge too.

Want to save money and enjoy doing so? Try these hypermiling tricks now.

Top hypermiling techniques
1. Use momentum

Many people think hypermiling means to go slow, but it is actually about using your speed wisely. Try to conserve momentum when going fast to carry your further. This will help to lower fuel consumption figures. Driving slowly simply cuts the pace, not necessarily the fuel.

2. Look forward

Planning ahead will help you to drive smoothly. For example, looking at the distance to judge the traffic light changes will mean you can slow gently and accelerate smoothly rather than coming to a screeching stop and then an aggressive start.

3. Go luxurious

Imagine you are a chauffeur, hoping to impress your guests with a smooth and comfortable ride. Using flow and gentle motions can help your car to glide. This is one of the best ways to save on fuel as well as making every journey much more pleasant.

4. Plan hills

Hill driving is something that can destroy your miles per gallon. However, by driving smart, you can minimise the impact. If the hill ahead is clear, then begin to accelerate before you reach the hill, and then ease off as you climb. The extra momentum you create can help to save your fuel.

5. Enjoy motorways

While a motorway journey may be the longest distance, that doesn’t always mean it will use the most fuel. You typically go faster from A to B on motorways, whereas a cross-country route will add pressure to your fuel economy with its twists, bends, hills and stops. Motorways can be incredibly fuel efficient as you can cruise along gently.

6. Be patient

In many cases an overtake won’t save you much time and will cost you more in fuel. Try to remain patient when driving and only pass if you think you can make significant progress. The last thing you want is to overtake, and then the car in question sit alongside you at the next set of lights.

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