How To Save Money On Your Car MILTA Technology

How To Save Money On Your Car

The cost of owning a car always seems to increase. From repairs and maintenance to rising fuel costs and high insurance costs, it can look like your car is a drain on money. However, there are some investments that you can make which can help you to save money on your vehicle. So, are you willing to spend so that you can save?

Top ways to save money on your car


A sat-nav is not only extremely useful but can save you money too. It will begin by showing you the most efficient route. This will mean you can cover the least miles possible to help save your mileage and your tyres. It can also find the best ways to avoid traffic jams, so you are not wasting fuel by being stationary. From the shortest route to avoiding traffic and congestion, a decent sat-nav can save you in both time and money.

Furthermore, some sat-navs will also include speed limit and speed camera alerts which can help you to avoid the speeding fines and insurance hikes associated with a conviction.

Car tracker

Sadly, car thefts are on the rise. Having your car stolen can leave you severely out of pocket. A car tracker may seem costly, but they can drastically improve the chances of your finding and recovering your vehicle if it is lost or stolen.

Car trackers will help you to find your vehicle as quickly as possible, which may mean reducing the level of damage or saving your vehicle before it is too late.

Tyre pressure monitoring system

Driving on under-inflated tyres will mean higher fuel usage. In fact, tyres that are under-inflated by as little as 15psi can cost an extra £75 on fuel a year. Many new cars will have a tyre pressure monitoring system as standard. However, if your car is older, then purchasing an aftermarket system can be a significant investment.

Remember that the wrong level of inflation in your tyres will cause you to use more fuel. Keeping an eye on your tyre pressure at all times can help to ensure you have safe tyres and that they are helping with your fuel economy too. With a system costing around £100, you can start to see savings in less than two years.

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