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How To Cut Your Fuel Costs

A weak pound and political tension in the Middle East has seen fuel prices soar. Fuel costs are now at the highest level in over three years. With the prices rising, it can be difficult for many people to fill up their car and meet their budget demands. Aside from cutting car use, which two in five people are doing, how can you save money on petrol?

Top ways to spend less on fuel

1. Compare prices

Different stations will have different prices. Instead of frequenting your normal filling pump. Check a fuel price comparison website. These will be able to show you where the cheapest fuel is in your area. These websites are usually kept up to date so that the prices will remain relevant. Costs can vary up to 10p a litre, so comparing could save you are £6 on every fill-up.

2. Go for popular

Busy filling stations are usually that for a reason. The more popular a filling station is, the more fuel they buy and can then take advantage of the prices if they fluctuate every day. Petrol stations which are not popular, will not have as many fuel deliveries, which means the prices could stay high. Remember that large brands will have wholesale market access which could mean cheaper fuel costs passed onto the consumer.

3. Be careful

Careful drivers are usually the most economical with fuel. Did you know that driving at 80mph uses 25% more fuel than driving at 70mph? Fast braking and accelerating also use up a considerable amount of fuel too. If your vehicle has a cruise control option, this can help you to save a significant amount of fuel, especially if you undertake long journeys regularly.

4. Tweak your car

If you do not use your roof rack regularly, then take it off the car. A roof rack adds a level of wind resistance which means your car has to work harder. Removing the roof rack could save as much as 10% on your fuel efficiency. It is also worth cleaning out weighty items in your car as the more weight in your car, the more fuel you will burn.

As well as this, try to forego air conditioning, as this adds 10% to your fuel bill. Furthermore, always make sure your tyres are inflated to the correct level to prepare for the most economical driving (as well as being safe).

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