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How To Prepare Your Automatic Car For Summer Road Trips

Now that spring is finally here; motorists can enjoy taking their car out in favourable conditions. What may surprise you is that summer is more dangerous on the roads than winter. During the summer months is when most of the fatal and serious accidents occur. While you may be careful in dark, snowy and icy conditions, you need to be just as aware in summer too.

There are many reasons why more accidents and breakdowns occur in summer. One of the reasons is that there are more drivers on the road. Another reason is that holiday driving can be stressful, those with children in the back of the car can become distracted too. Often, people driving in summer are on holiday, exploring new destinations which means driving on unfamiliar roads.

One aspect that can lead to more breakdowns in summer is that people do not equip their car for longer journeys. By preparing your vehicle thoroughly for a long trip, you can reduce the risk of a breakdown.

Ways to prepare your automatic vehicle for summer

Road legal tyres
Tyres are an essential aspect of your maintenance checklist for long journeys. While motorists should check tyres every few weeks, checking before a long trip is critical. It is vital to assess the tyres for cracks, cuts and bulges thoroughly. Then make sure that you have the legal limit of at least 1.6mm of tread depth. Finally, check the pressure taking into consideration the number of passengers you will have in the car and the excess weight of luggage you are travelling with.

Coolant is essential for stopping your engine from overheating. It is a vital aspect of the car and can prevent serious breakdowns. Fortunately, coolant is easy to check too. When the engine is cool, open the bonnet to locate the coolant reservoir. Then, make sure the coolant level is between the minimum and maximum lines.

Make sure your transmission can perform at its best by ensuring a sufficient oil level. It is worth checking the colour of the oil to make sure it is in good condition as well as the amount. If the oil has particles or is brown or black in colour, then it is vital that you change the oil immediately.

If you are unsure about any aspect of your vehicle, then it is better to have a professional mechanic give your car the once over. Reduce your risks of an accident with peace of mind that your vehicle is ready.

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