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Top Tips For Buying A New Car

Buying a new car can be exciting, but it can be overwhelming too. By planning ahead and following our top tips, we hope to make buying a new car easy and stress-free.

Before you start window shopping, it is essential to know what you can afford so that you can focus your search. Analyse your finances and know exactly how much you can spend. This will help to rule out certain, expensive cars straight away. If you plan to use financing or credit, make sure you will be able to keep up with repayments, even if there are unpredictable events and financial emergencies.

Another aspect of buying a car should be its resale value. Consider how long you want to keep your vehicle. If it is only for a few years, conduct research into average resale values and check whether your vehicle will hold value. Typically, premium low-specification vehicles will hold better value than mid-range cars with a high specification.

Your heart can often rule your head when you are looking for a new car. However, it is vital that you consider the practicality of the vehicle for your purposes. Your car needs to be suitable for you. Aspects you need to consider is storage capacity, boot space, whether your car has space for child seats or is practical for the roads near to where you live. You should also consider the fuel type and the transmission that is right for you too.

Understand the lingo
Car salespeople will often overwhelm you with statistics, specifications and jargon to make the car sounds impressive. To help you understand the terms, without feeling daunted, here are some of the terms and abbreviations you might hear;

AWD – all wheel drive. Helps to give better control off-road and can increase handling.
Crossover – Has features of a small car with specifications of a sports utility vehicle (SUV).

DDI – Diesel Direct Injection can help to enhance fuel efficiency and performance.

DSG – Direct-shift gearbox is an electronically controlled dual clutch automatic transmission.

MPV – multi-purpose vehicle is also known as a people carrier.

NVH – can be a measure of the car noise, harshness and vibration.

Supercharger – Increases the air in the combustion chamber to provide more power.

ICE – Internal combustion engine can differentiate between electric and other vehicles.

Ready to buy your car?
Researching can help to save time and help you to make the right decisions, make sure you know what you have in mind and don’t be afraid to take more than one test drive so you can be sure to make the right decision.

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