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What Is Included In An Automatic Transmission Service?

With automatic transmissions being an expensive aspect of a vehicle, car owners will want to ensure it stays healthy and functioning for as long as possible. One of the most important ways to extend the life of a transmission, and to avoid eye-watering expensive transmission replacements, is by servicing the automatic transmission regularly.

When should I service the transmission?

For all vehicles, car owners should follow the service schedule that is outlined in their owner’s manual. Manufacturers will always have a recommended schedule to adhere to that is designed the keep the transmission in peak condition. Where this may change is when a car is used above or below the average amount or whereby the vehicle often carries heavy loads.

What will technicians do in an automatic transmission service?

Over time, the helpful additives in transmission fluid break down and oxidise. This can then cause acid, rust and sludge which means the fluid can no longer protect the parts in the transmission or lubrication the motions required. All of these problems can then cause transmission failure. Increased heat, friction and rust can all break down elements of the transmission.

During a service, the aim is to remove the old and potentially contaminated fluid and replace this with new automatic transmission fluid. During a service, technicians will usually flush the oil system rigorously to ensure it has reached every aspect of the gearbox. The flushing system not only clears away old oil, but it also removes any metal shavings and particles that are trapped in moving parts.

Once all of the contaminated oil is removed, and the parts are clean, new synthetic oil is added. Some technicians will also include a conditioner to help prolong the life of the new oil and prevent contamination.

It is important that the transmission has 100% new oil for a complete exchange of old oil. If old oil is topped up with new oil, then it can cause problems with the transmission and may mean that the new oil is instantly contaminated too. Using new oil means much better lubrication of parts which reduces the heat and, therefore, you are less likely to suffer a transmission problem.

Is it too late for servicing?

If your automatic transmission is experiencing problems, then it may be too late for a service. Fortunately, you may not have to fork out for an expensive new transmission either. By speaking to the experts at Milta Technology, they may be able to repair your automatic transmission to get it back to the high performance that you are used to. If your VAG Group gearbox has a problem, then get in touch with the team by emailing: [email protected]

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