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Which are the most economical automatic cars?

If you are considering purchasing a car in 2018, then it is likely that you will be reviewing a range of criteria. One of the most important aspects to consider is often the affordability of the car and its economical outlook. With many elements to think about such as the MPG, tax band and carbon dioxide output, it can be mind-boggling to determine which is the right vehicle for you that will be cheap and efficient to run.

To help you decide, we have narrowed down some of the most cost-friendly automatic vehicles available to purchase in 2018.

Top three economical automatic vehicles

1. Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid 1.8

Considered an ample-sized family car, the plug-in hybrid sports a 1.8-litre engine and has a top speed of 101mph with an acceleration of 0-60mph in 11.1 seconds. The car is one of the greenest vehicles on the market yet is stylish, especially with the Business Edition Plus specification. With five doors and four seats, the car is roomy but still efficient.

Due to the combination of fuel and electricity, the average fuel cost per mile is 5.4pence. Fuel-only, the miles per gallon reaches 83 while using the electric-only function gives the vehicle a driving range of 39 miles.

2. BMW i3s

The i3s is BMW’s answer to a small, compact petrol hybrid. With just a 0.6-litre engine and a continuously variable transmission, the electric car reaches a top speed of 99mph and can achieve an acceleration of 0-60mph in only 7.7 seconds. However, this is achieved with the Range Extender Auto option.

While the car is considered a ‘supermini’, it still features four seats and five doors. Regarding efficiency, the vehicle has a fuel-only MPG score of 50 miles per gallon. Furthermore, the electric driving range reaches 137 miles. With this in mind, the fuel cost is predicted as 3.8pence per mile.

3. VW e-Up!

The VW e-Up! Electric car is the ideal method of transport for the city. With four seats and five doors, the vehicle has space but is also compact and easy to manoeuvre. The car is slightly slower in acceleration compared to the other two, with an acceleration of 0-60mph in 12.4 seconds and only has a top speed of 81 mph.

However, where the vehicle may lack in speed, it makes up in fuel cost with an indicative 3.3pence per mile. With a range of 93 miles, the car is ideal for city driving, and buyers can benefit from no taxation and the opportunity for the OLEV grant.

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