The Best Ways To Look After Your Automatic Transmission MILTA Technology

The Best Ways To Look After Your Automatic Transmission

When buying a car, you want to do your best to keep the value of the vehicle and to keep it as healthy as possible. By taking care of your vehicle, you can reduce the risk of costly repairs and replacements. Focussing on avoiding bad habits, you can help to take away the stress and hassle of having a vehicle out of action and worrying about a vehicle breakdown.

With an automatic vehicle, one of the most expensive aspects of your car is the transmission. It is vital that you look after the transmission to keep it running smoothly and to prevent costly repairs or replacements. Some of the best ways to look after your transmission include;

Top three ways to look after your automatic transmission

1. Maintain correct fluid levels

If you operate your vehicle with incorrect fluid levels, then your transmission will suffer, and it may break down. With low fluid, you increase the friction between the internal parts which start to grind which then leads to overheating and then transmission failure.

By keeping an eye of your transmission fluid levels and maintaining the correct transmission fluid levels, you can ensure internal parts are well lubricated and that the temperature within the transmission is controlled and will hopefully not overheat.

2. Change the transmission fluid regularly

Transmission fluid can get dirty, which can then impact the internal parts of the transmission. It is essential to change the transmission fluid for new, clean fluid regularly. The owner’s manual will dictate how often the transmission fluid will need replacing and will usually coincide with the service timings.
By not changing the transmission fluid may mean there is an increased likelihood that the parts will overheat and then break down.

3. Smooth stops and starts

One of the ways to damage your transmission is frequent sharp braking and stopping. When you stop quickly, it leads to damage to drivetrain components which can then, in turn, damage the transmission.

Another way to damage the transmission is pulling away quickly. By pulling away from lights rapidly, it leads to excessive heat in the torque converter; if you do this frequently, then this means the transmission can not cool down quickly and may lead to overheating which can damage the internal components permanently.

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