Bad Habits That Destroy Your Automatic Transmission MILTA Technology

Bad Habits That Destroy Your Automatic Transmission

Sometimes, driving habits can become so ingrained, that they are difficult to break. However, bad driving habits cannot only be unsafe they can also significantly damage your vehicle which could lead to expensive repairs and replacements. These bad habits can ruin your automatic transmission which can devalue your car.

As well as this, there is never a convenient time for your car to break down and you be without transport. By avoiding the following bad habits, you can extend the life of your vehicle and keep the transmission at a high performance for longer. So, what are the things to avoid to improve your transmission and improve your vehicle’s longevity?

Bad habits to avoid to improve the life of your transmission

1. Use the wrong fluid
It may seem easy to pick up the first transmission fluid that you see on the shelf. How different can they be? The answer is very. If you use the wrong type of fluid in your transmission, you risk severely damaging the internal parts. Don’t be tempted to mix liquids or add spare fluid from another car just to top your fluid levels up. Always make sure to use the required fluid that is specified in the owner’s manual for your vehicle.

Also, manual and automatic transmission fluid are vastly different, never use the wrong fluid in the wrong vehicle.

2. Forced downshifts

Each gear change should be smooth and gentle for minimum impact of the car and the critical parts. If you downshift to the brake setting too quickly, such as at traffic lights, then this will cause excessive wear on the components of the transmission which could lead to long-term damage. This wear on friction parts of the vehicle may mean your transmission will need replacing sooner than expected.

3. Transferring into reverse before the car is at a complete stop

Often during a manoeuvre, we want to complete it as quickly as possible. This means we may shift gears too quickly. If you change from drive to reverse while the car is still in motion, then you will damage the transmission, and it may need a repair or replacement when parts become damaged or completely unusable.

Make sure that your car has come to a complete stop before shifting into reverse to prolong the life of your vehicle.

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