The Problem of Automatic Transmission Slipping MILTA Technology

The Problem of Automatic Transmission Slipping

What is a slipping transmission?

This is when your automatic car fails to engage in a gear change when you put it into drive. Sometimes it will slip or flare while upshifting. If this is happening, then your car is not working as it should, and the answer to the problem probably lies in the hydraulic transmission fluid being low.

Low hydraulic transmission might mean that your car has a leak somewhere. You may have even spotted this fluid on your driveway or on the road where you have driven or parked your car. A common cause of a leak would be a seal that keeps the oil inside the transmission that may have failed or has deteriorated with age.

Other reasons for slippage can include low fluid pressure, or faulty pressure regulation systems.

What are the symptoms?

Your car will feel as though it is struggling, and feel underpowered as well as producing a whining noise. If you are unsure, there are videos online that demonstrate these symptoms.

How can a mechanic fix it?

If it is a leaking seal, then you can get it repaired relatively cheap and easily. Costs may depend on the location of the seal. For example, if it is your axle seal, then your local mechanic can fix it in a matter of hours. Anywhere else it might be more costly, and take longer to repair.

If it is low pressure or has faulty pressure systems, then it is worth asking your mechanic, as it is not an easy thing to spot. If you need an entirely new transmission or it might be better to repair and rebuild your old one.

What can you do?

If you think you have a leak, check your transmission fluid level, and make sure you top it up. Do check your owner’s manual for your car, so that you know when it is the best time to check your oil as some recommend having the engine warmed up.

Make sure the fluid you are using is the correct one, as using the wrong one could damage your car further. Often using a fluid with additives is not recommended, but it might be good to do your research. Remember, the reasons for a manual transmission slippage is slightly different, so make sure you check out advice for the correct car type.

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