“The Future Starts Here” With The Volkswagen Group MILTA Technology

“The Future Starts Here” With The Volkswagen Group

The Volkswagen Group have just been named the 2018 supporters of “The Future Starts Here” exhibition. This exhibition will begin on Saturday the 12th of May 2018 in the iconic Victoria and Albert Museum.

The purpose of the exhibition is the will be displaying the emerging technologies of the year and will expand your imagination to how this with impact our lives in the future. It will also give you as participants a chance to ask questions, learn about the developments, and be a part of knowing how this influences you.

It is a must-see, for aspiring and current engineers, computer scientists, and anyone interested in the next top gadgets and vehicles and the possibilities that future technology could bring us.

In 2018, the internationally renowned Victoria and Albert Museum will take us on a four-act guided journey of technological questions we can all relate to, connect with, and can discuss.

Act 1, is, Are we still human? This explores how inspirations from biological systems impact the design of technology.

Act 2, is Are cities for everyone? This brings in the ideas of pushing the capabilities of cities, and their infrastructure, and well as combining it with thoughts of governance, and democracy.

Act 3, is called Can design stop climate change? This toys with the idea of technologies being able to save us from the inevitability of climate change, and how exploring mars might be hopeless or our savour.

Finally, act 4 is Who wants to live forever? This takes us back to the sci-fi we know and love and explores the science and technology behind the idea of being cryogenically frozen in order to wake up in the future.

This is a great day out for you and your friends or your family. It is especially for inspiring the younger generation to become more involved in the growing science and technology of today. With the driving force of the Volkswagen Group behind it, it is a chance to see a glimpse into the future of mobility technology and what cars of the future may have to offer.

The exhibition begins on Saturday the 12th of May, at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Entry is free, is open 10.00am-5.45pm, and is easily accessible via public transport, walking and cycling.

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