Telematics help you with insurance MILTA Technology

Telematics help you with insurance

Maybe you have heard about black boxes for planes? Telematics is something similar but designed for cars. Some insurance companies use it to track their driving behaviours. Then, based on the collected data, the better driver you seem to be, the cheaper they set your insurance rate. Imagine you could join 25-33% of drivers who saved on their car policy or be one of the people who saves £1000 each year in premiums.

You could already recognise some telematic devices like Google Maps, GPS, Sports Tracking etc. These applications can track such things as the time of the day when you use your car, the distance that you ride daily and the speed at which you drive. It could also monitor collision details, circumstances related to theft situations, as well as count the occurrences of aggressive acceleration and deceleration.

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