How to check the tyre tread depth MILTA Technology

How to check the tyre tread depth

Remember in the UK and Europe allowed legal minimum tread is 1,6mm. Worn tyres don’t provide proper contact between a tyre and a road. It’s unsafe and risky. You could get 3 penalty points and pay £2,500 fine. That is only for one tyre under the legal limit. Four tyres will mean £10,000 fine and possibility of losing the driving license. However, suggested depth is 3mm for enough stopping distance.

Use a 20 pence to check your tyre tread depth each month. Insert a 20p coin into the tread groove on the tyre. Pay attention to the outer band of the coin which is 1,6mm. If you can see this section of the coin, your tires are below the legal limit. Your tyres are unsafe for driving.

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