Watch out! Don't let animals to destroy your trip MILTA Technology

Watch out! Don’t let animals to destroy your trip

Journey by car through the countryside could mean the encounter with wildlife. Although deers, foxes, badgers and other animals are unpredictable, and you can never predict when one might dash in front of your car, there are some useful actions you can take to prevent a possibility of accident or reduce the damage from a wildlife collision.

Evenings and early morning are the most common time when they cross roads to find the food so keep your eyes moving back and forth as they could run out any moment. Drop your speed and take extra care if you see warning signs. Wildlife rarely travel alone, so if you see one wait for more. If wildlife is in your path, stay in your line to not confuse them or get into the path of another car. Don’t go near an injured animal, use hazard lights to check the situation and make a decision if needed call for help.

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