Run out of windscreen fluid! What now? MILTA Technology

Run out of windscreen fluid! What now?

Probably you have encountered once in your life a situation when you need to clean your windscreen, but you understand that the wiper fluid reservoir is empty. In the luckiest scenario, you have a bottle of it in the car so you can quickly resolve the problem by filling the reservoir. In the worst scenario, you don’t have it with you or the bottle you have is empty. What to do then?

You are lucky to have some auto part store or fuel station on your way to buy fluid. There also is another option to buy some upfront concentrate and store some at home, mixing as when needed with water – that’s an organised long term solution. This saviour could help you for a long time. You only need water to mix it for a more pleasant trip.

You can try to use just for this trip water if you are in the worse situation and don’t have any of those options available. Use this option when you don’t have another choice! You can also top up your reservoir with water only, but be aware it’s a short term solution, not applicable during the winter, when temperature might freeze what you pour in, and should be applied only in emergency, with a proper windscreen washer liquid being added as soon as you get one!

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