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Best Cars To Buy In 2020 MILTA Technology
Jan 16, 2020
Best Cars To Buy In 2020

The future of the car market is looking to be a very exciting time, with more and more manufacturers rolling out brand new models. There are some major changes happening in every market sector, with an increase in the number of automatic and electric vehicles hitting the roads. Many manufacturers, including the VAG Group, are […]

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Who’s in the VAG group? MILTA Technology
Sep 15, 2019
Who’s in the VAG group?

The VAG group, also known as Volkswagen AG or the Volkswagen Group, is a collection of 12 different car brands. These 12 brands each operate individually within the automobile market. Each has its own collections, character and ranges of vehicles. Volkswagen –  As you might suspect, the Volkswagen group began with the formation of Volkswagen […]

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