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Jan 08, 2017
Domino’s Pizza co-founder traded his shares for a Volkswagen Beetle

Domino’s Pizza was established by two brothers, Jim and Tom Monaghan and it was then named DomiNick’s. Eight months after starting the company, Jim decided to trade his shares for a Volkswagen Beetle.

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Jan 07, 2017
Denmark charges up to 150% Tax on new car purchases

In Denmark, for cars priced over 81,700 kroner, the Registration Tax equals 150%, and it used to be 180% until late 2015. The tax for cheaper vehicles is ‘only’ 105% and the only cars free from this fee used to be the electric ones. However, the government has already started to charge the owners of […]

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Jan 06, 2017
Louis Chevrolet, the founder of Chevrolet, died bankrupt and poor working as a mechanic for the company he started

Louis Chevrolet, the co-founder of a car company named after him, had a great talent for racing and designing cars. However, he was not much of a businessman. He sold his stocks to his business partner William C. Durant, due to their disagreement over a car’s design in the early years of the company. He […]

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