What You Need To Know About Automatic Transmission Fluid MILTA Technology

What You Need To Know About Automatic Transmission Fluid

In an automatic car, there is nothing as important as the transmission fluid. If there is one thing you should take the extra time to check, it’s this. Here’s everything you need to know about it.


What Your Transmission Fluid Does

Your transmission fluid is what protects your gearbox and keeps everything moving smoothly. It provides lubrication; this prevents the build-up of heat, which quickly damages expensive parts. It not only prevents heat from unwanted friction, but it also acts as a cooling system taking away the heat that forms even in a well-lubricated transmission.

Transmission fluid is more than just a lubricant. It also needs to provide the right amount of pressure. If it didn’t have the proper flow, then components like your torque converter wouldn’t do their job.

Finally, your transmission fluid stops your gearbox from rusting or corroding. It even cleans the components it flows past. This significantly extends the life of your automatic transmission. 

Without enough fluid, low quality, or degraded fluid, your car will quickly destroy itself. The transmission will grind itself up, and you’ll be going nowhere.


What’s So Special About Transmission Fluid?

Because your transmission fluid does so many jobs, it needs to be carefully formulated. It begins with a basic lubricating fluid, but then a whole range of additives are included to help it perform as needed.

A standard lubricating fluid isn’t enough for an automatic transmission, so extra lubricating additives need to be added. An automatic gearbox is a challenging and dynamic system.

Anti-rust and anti-corrosion additives are included. They react with any impurities that can get into your transmission before they can damage the machinery. They form a protective layer on the surface of the components keeping the essential bits safe.

The chemists making it then add detergents to the mix. This is what keeps the metal in your transmission clean and clear of dirt and debris.

Because the gearbox is most at risk at extreme temperatures, some additives make sure it maintains the required level of viscosity no matter the temperatures.

Transmission fluid is incredible stuff. That’s why the quality of the fluid you put in your car matters, and why you need to maintain it.

So, check your transmission fluid regularly, the healthier the fluid is, the higher likelihood that your gearbox is in good health too!

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