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Top Car Trends For 2021: A Sneak Peek

Car design begins as much as ten years before production. So even though the world has gone a bit off the rails recently, a lot of the hard work behind the new models for 2021 has already happened. This is great news for any car buff who needs something to look forward to. So, what can you expect to see in 2021?

SUVs and SUV Crossovers

SUVs are the largest growing sector of the motoring market. While this was predominantly a trend in the US, it has quickly become a popular car choice across many countries. This means that no matter where you are, there will be SUVs in every shape and style you can imagine hitting the dealerships in 2021.

Trends to keep your eyes open for are more crossovers designs, and just more choice generally. There is an overall push towards more economical and greener technology within these imposing machines. So you’ll find plenty of hybrid options as well as some pure EV offerings as well.

Traditional Passenger Cars

While their market share may be diminishing, there is no doubt that traditional passenger cars still hold sway with a lot of drivers. To compete with all the variety in the SUV market, you’ll see a lot of sleek and sexy designs. Another trend in 2021 is that cars are being given a little extra height. This is to address the feeling of being surrounded by large SUVs and trucks on the road.

As the year goes on, you’ll see a lot more technology being poured into these models. Automakers want to keep these offering relevant, and infotainment systems and extra EV batteries are their current tools of choice.

Trucks and Vans

Pickup trucks have long held the top spot in America. That popularity is beginning to spread across the pond. There has been a lot of investment in this sector to increase its appeal beyond the American market. As the Tesla truck has shown, there is always the potential for EV innovations to hit this traditionally gas-guzzling demographic. So keep your eyes open for more EV and hybrid options here as well.

Minivans or people carriers continue to be the first place you will find innovations in terms of entertainment, comfort, and functionality. The design of these vehicles continues to try and shed the feeling that they are a compromise. The exteriors continue to be refined to look sleeker and sexier to appeal to the parents who will be buying them.

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