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How To Use Low Gear In An Automatic Vehicle

When your car is in low gear, it deals more effectively with steep slopes and slippery roads. With an automatic vehicle, you may be used to letting your car decide the gear. However, there are times when it is useful to be able to get a low gear option when you need it. In some cases, using low gear can protect you and your car. 

There are two ways you can use a low gear, and it depends on the type of automatic transmission you have.

PNDR Transmission

Most automatic transmissions don’t have a specific option for low gear. However, you can still guide your car to using it. You have to create the circumstances that will cause the transmission to shift to the low range.

The best way to do this is by limiting your speed. While your car is moving more slowly, it will use the lower gear range. If you need the low gear for a steep descent, it’s best to ease off the accelerator in advance and let the car shift down before you need it to. 

Use your brakes as you descend to maintain the low gear.

PNDRL Transmission

If your gearbox has an L setting, this is the low gear. When you are in L, the gearbox won’t shift even if you are moving faster. In this setting, your engine will also turn over more slowly, which can make the engine more efficient.

You can shift to L in the same way you would change between P and D.

When To Use Low Gear

You should make use of low gear in several situations, such as wet, slippery roads during heavy rainfall and;

Going Down A Steep Incline 

When you go down a steep hill using a low gear is a good option to save your brakes. If you just use your brakes to slow you on a descent, it can cause them to overheat. It’s not cheap to replace your brake pads if you wear them out.


If you are using your car to pull a heavy load, then you sometimes need more torque to get moving. The lower end of your gearbox can provide this added power.

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