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How To Turn A Classic Car Into An Electric Vehicle

Classic car enthusiasts have been revamping and converting their beloved vehicles for many years. Conversion kits and crate motors are popular options for giving classic cars a new lease of life, and now they offer the ability to make these beautiful old vehicles electric.

With such a rise in electric vehicles in recent years, being able to power classic cars with electricity is an exciting opportunity for lovers of these classic vehicles. If you are wondering if you can turn a classic car electric, read on for our expert guidance.

Turning A Classic Car Into Electric With A Crate Motor

A crate motor, sometimes known as a crate engine, is a new vehicle engine which is delivered ready to go. They have been designed to make swapping an engine easy, without the need for various parts or upgrades. Because they come as a complete motor, there is no need to salvage any old engine parts and no risk of coming across broken parts in the middle of the installation.

You will need to have a crate motor properly fitted, or you will need the mechanical skills to do it yourself.

When you choose an electric motor for your classic car, they are often much simpler to install and maintain than gas versions. To easily convert your classic car into an electric vehicle you can purchase an electric crate motor and powertrain and have them fitted, usually without too much hassle or expense. Although you should bear in mind that the actual ability to convert the classic car will depend on the make and model, as well as the current condition of the vehicle.

Choosing A Classic Car To Convert

If you are already the proud owner of a classic car and unsure if it is suitable for converting, or looking to purchase a vehicle for this reason, then there are a few things to consider. Smaller and lighter cars are usually easier to change to electric, particularly older models with fewer complex features.

If you are looking for a classic car to convert, then make sure you choose one that is structurally sound and in a good condition overall. Whilst you will be giving the vehicle a new engine, other components such as brakes, suspension and steering should be in good working order.

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