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Should My Car Have A Dash Cam?

Dash cams are in-car camera systems which take a video recording of every journey you make. They have increased dramatically in popularity in recent years and there are many reasons for considering fitting one in your vehicle. If you are wondering if your car should have a dash cam, read on for our expert guide.

Advantages Of A Dash Cam

Dash cams offer a huge range of benefits to both drivers and pedestrians. There are many reasons why you might consider investing in one for your own vehicle. The main advantages of dash cams include;

  • Video Evidence

The main reason that thousands of drivers are choosing to fit dash cams in their cars is that it provides them with video evidence of any accidents. Whether you are involved in an accident yourself, or just witness to one while out on the road, your dash cam can provide vital information. Evidence from dash cams can be used in court if an accident ever needs to go that far and can prove that an accident was another driver’s fault.

  • Undisciplined Drivers

Every road user has come across a driver at some stage that they consider to be a poor driver. Not only are these kinds of drivers annoying to those on the road, but they are also dangerous. Those driving badly are putting both other road users and pedestrians at risk and catching them on a dash cam can make it easier to report them to the police. Dash cams have been used to catch drink-drivers, those using phones while driving and many other road offences.

  • Insurance Savings

Dash cams are often considered by insurance companies as a preventative device. This means it can often lower the cost of insurance as those with dash cams are likely to be safer drivers.

Disadvantages Of A Dash Cam

There are so many benefits to having a dash cam; it can be difficult to think what the downside could be. However, there is a concern that overreliance on dash cam footage can lead to a one-sided view of accidents. Sometimes they may fail to capture other dangers on the road that caused the accident, such as a cyclist or pedestrian. Another common concern is that an accident is your own fault and the dash cam footage can be used as evidence against you.

Finally, if you choose to use a dash cam, it is essential to remember that some countries do not allow dash cams. So, make sure to remove your device, when driving in countries where the devices are banned.

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