Is Your Car Ready For Winter? MILTA Technology

Is Your Car Ready For Winter?

It is never a great experience when your car breaks down. But, in the dead of winter, it is even worse. As the weather gets cold, you should stay aware of warning signs that your car might be headed for a problem. Here are the top things to look out for, so that you don’t end up stranded in the cold.

Check The Basics

Before every drive, there are a few things you should check. Most of us don’t, but in winter it’s even more important to get into good habits. Make sure you check each of the following

Fuel – You’ll need more in winter, especially if you are in stop-start traffic.

OIl -Make sure it’s topped up.

Tyres – Check the wear on your tires. It should be even over the four wheels, and you should have 3mm of tread.

Coolant – Check the levels and add some antifreeze.

Lights – Check they’re all working, and don’t forget the fog lights.

Screenwash -In the cold you need the solution to be more concentrated, so it doesn’t just freeze.

Unresponsive Brakes

If you have to press further into your brake pedal before you stop then you should be concerned. Other warning signs are if braking is noisy or causes the car to pull to one side.

Excessive Revs

If your engine revs flare up when you are accelerating, it’s a sign of a clutch problem. Do not ignore this; it can lead to more expensive damage if not corrected.

Knocking Sounds

If cornering produces unexpected sounds, like knocks or drones, then you might have a problem with your wheel bearings. Another one to act on quickly as it can lead to damage to your suspension and hubs.

Increasing Amounts Of Condensation

There will always be some condensation on your windows in winter, but if it seems to be increasing over time you might have a problem. It can indicate that the seals on your door and windows are leaking. This can let water into your electronics.

Slow Response FromThe Engine

If you put your foot down and have to wait for a reaction, then you are either low on fuel, or your fuel injection system needs looking at.

Stuttering Engine

Stuttering is often a sign of faulty spark plugs. The other option is a bad spark plug lead.

Difficulty Starting

When temperatures drop below freezing, car batteries can take a beating. If you start having problems getting your car to turn over, then you should get your battery checked. Don’t put it off until it doesn’t start at all.

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