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The Rise Of The SUV

Sales of the sports utility vehicle (SUV) continues to rise. The purpose of the SUV has shifted too. Instead of being a workhorse helping workers to carry their loads, they have become much more civilised. More often than not, you’ll find SUVs that are hauling children from a-to-b as well as moving sports and garden equipment. Instead of scaling mountains and crossing fords, you are more likely to see an SUV down the high street.

So just what makes the SUV such a popular vehicle?

Why Are SUVs So Popular?

  1. Safety

Typically, SUVs receive the highest marks for safety in the standard safety tests. This is typically because SUVs are larger vehicles, meaning there is more protection and less chance of injury to the driver in the event of an accident. For many motorists, an SUV provides peace of mind, especially when children are frequent passengers.

  • Storage Space

With plenty of boot space and lots of seats, SUVs are ideal for large families and all of their luggage too. Furthermore, seating and storage are adaptable with seats being easy to fold, shift and manoeuvre to get the perfect passenger to space ratio that you need.

  • Off-road Capabilities

Perhaps this feature is less prominent. However, SUVs can tackle a greater range of terrain. While motorists may not be taking their SUV up mountain tracks or dirt roads, SUV capabilities can be essential on roads that have lots of potholes or are in dire need of repair.

The Rise Of The Volkswagen SUV

Volkswagen is leading the way with their SUV offensive. In fact, by 2025, they expect every second Volkswagen passenger car sold to be an SUV. They continue to lead the way by developing a vast range of SUVs, suitable for every customer. In fact, in just seven years, Volkswagen hopes to offer more than 30 SUV models across the world.

The Volkswagen T-Cross, released in 2019 will be the brand’s smallest SUV, which they hope will dominate the compact SUV market. On the other hand, the Volkswagen Toureg is still at the top-end of the range.

At the moment every fifth car sold by Volkswagen is an SUV. If the current demand for SUV continues, then it is easy to see SUVs dominating 50% of the market share for Volkswagen by 2025.

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