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Top Driving Tips For Autumn 2018

As the summer months have flown by, it is now the beginning of colder months, lower sun and falling leaves. While autumn brings a spectacle of colour, it also brings a change in driving conditions. To help you prepare for the autumnal months ahead, here are the top driving tips for autumn 2018.

1. Clean your windscreen
During autumn, the sun sits lower in the sky which creates a harsh glare for drivers. To improve your vision, it is a good idea to thoroughly clean your windscreen both inside and out to get rid of any hazy film that is left from pollen and dust in the summer. Don’t pack your sunglasses away after your summer holidays either; they should stay in the car for those bright, sunny days.

2. Think about your battery
A car battery will typically last for around five years. However, if you’ve noticed signs of struggle, then autumn is the ideal time for a replacement. You do not want your battery to let you down in winter when its freezing and dark. Replace your battery now and know your battery will be fit and healthy come the winter.

3. Check your bulbs
As the days are shorter and the nights grow longer, there is more chance that you’ll need to use your lights more regularly. Now is the perfect time to check that all of your lights are working and to replace any bulbs that have blown. You can go to a garage to change lightbulbs, especially for headlights. However, apart from headlamps, it is usually easy to do yourself, and full instructions will be in your car handbook.

Remember to wear gloves when changing the bulb as oil on your fingers can damage the bulb.

4. Antifreeze
The first frost is likely to come as a surprise in autumn, so it is vital that your car be ready for it. Make sure to check your antifreeze levels and top up if the levels have dropped. It is important to use the right type of antifreeze for your car, which should be stated in your handbook. It is also vital not to mix different types of antifreeze as it could damage your engine. If in doubt, get a garage to check for you.

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