How We Diagnose Automatic Transmission Problems MILTA Technology

How We Diagnose Automatic Transmission Problems

Ever wondered how the team at Milta Technology find those transmission problems that cause you problems? As you may know, an automatic transmission comprises of many tiny parts. Some automatic transmissions have over 900 parts. When there is a problem with your automatic transmission, our team will check each part of your transmission to find the problem and issue a solution. So, what happens to your transmission when it reaches our workshop?

How Milta Technology Diagnose Automatic Transmission Problems
1. Check the vehicle

When a vehicle enters our garage, firstly, we try to simulate the problem. This helps us to provide clues as to where the problem may be. Some cars have common automatic transmission problems. Our trained team stay up to date with the latest industry news and common car troubles, so we know what to look out for when a problem arrives.

2. Check the workshop

A clean and organised garage is vital when we are taking apart and rebuilding car parts. Before undertaking extensive work, we check the workshop is in an excellent condition so we can be entirely organised and structured when dismantling cars. This helps us to find the problem, without being distracted by other parts in the garage.

3. Deep clean

We will then deep clean all of the parts of the automatic transmission. By cleaning every component, it makes them easier to assess when it comes to inspection time. Usually, we clean parts in an ultra-safe solvent solution and then give every element a hot wash to remove all traces of dirt and grime.

4. Inspection

Once the parts are clean, we can then inspect each aspect for wear and tear as well as damage. We can then replace the components as necessary as well as replacing all the seals for reliability. Once we have determined the faulty part that is causing the problems, we can then begin to rebuild the transmission and fix the issue.

5. Rebuild

Our fully trained team will then rebuild the transmission, using special lubrication to make sure all parts are smooth and will function when the car starts. This lubrication will help to support the transmission before the transmission fluid is distributed throughout the transmission.

6. Checks

We then visually check and road test the vehicle to ensure it is fully functioning and ready to go. This includes a cold start as we want to make sure your vehicle is functioning correctly before its delivered back to you.

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