Five Surprising Ways You Can Save Money On Motoring MILTA Technology

Five Surprising Ways You Can Save Money On Motoring

While the cost of owning a vehicle seems to be continually on the rise, there are a few ways to keep your costs to a minimum. As well as the standard methods of maximising your fuel efficiency and hunting for the cheapest fuel deal in your local area, there are some surprising ways to save money that you may not have considered. Here are our top tips to save money on motoring

Five top ways to cut your motoring costs:
1. Don’t add fuel when you start the car

In older cars, pressing on the accelerator was needed to get the car running. However, modern cars now rely on the electronics for the starting procedure. Pushing on the acceleration during start-up will waste extra, unnecessary fuel. It may also cause damage to your engine.

2. Consider a credit card

Some credit cards offer fantastic cashback schemes that provide you with a small percentage of cashback for big purchases. If you spend a lot at the petrol forecourt, then using a cashback credit card can help you to recover some of the money you spend. It is worthwhile searching for the best cashback credit card deal for you. Furthermore, you should only take out a credit card if you can afford to repay the amount due. Otherwise, it could negatively impact your credit rating.

3. Hypermiling

Hypermiling is a challenging driving technique that helps you to drive as economically as possible. Once you learn the tricks of the trade, hypermiling can be incredibly addictive as you start to see how much money you can save. Advanced driving courses are a great way to learn economical driving methods. Also, by taking an advanced driving course, you may lower your car insurance premiums too.

4. Pothole claims

Damage from potholes costs UK motorists £730 million every single year. Furthermore, 10% of mechanical failures are as a result of potholes. However, if a pothole does cause damage to your car, then you may be able to make a claim. The critical aspect of this is that the pothole must be reported to the council. If the council is unaware of the pothole, then they are not liable for damage claims. Help other motorists out by reporting potholes when you see them.

5. Tyre research

Buying the cheapest tyres will not necessarily save you the most money. Do some research and find out the best tyres with the highest fuel efficiency rating. All EU tyres should be labelled from A to G. A is the best performing, while G is the worst performing. It may be worthwhile spending more on your tyres to save money in the long run.

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