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The Best Apps For Driving

We all want to save time, save money and make the most of life. There is a range of apps that can help us to be more productive and efficient, but what about when your driving? There is a variety of apps available for motorists that can help you with everything from buying a car to monitoring your driving performance. Here are just some of the best apps for driving on the market right now.

Top three driving apps
1. G-tac

G-tac offers a free and several paid-for versions. The app works to give you a complete overview of every journey. It will download comprehensive data covering a range of analytics from your maximum speed to your acceleration times. With this, you can estimate your fuel economy and maintenance needs. However, for a detailed view of your driving performance and how to improve, g-tac excels in the market.
Furthermore, the display and text are clear; it is highly usable and easy to operate. However, the free version does come with adverts which may be annoying to many motorists.

2. Road Trip

Road Trip is an excellent app for the whole family. Inputting your details and uploading a picture of your cars, you can use the app to measure your MPG for each vehicle. This will help you to make the most efficient choices and come up with the ways that can save you money. While the app does cost, it can be used for more than one vehicle to measure and improve your fuel economy. It can also track garage costs too.

3. AppyParking

AppyParking allows you to search for off-street and on-street parking in almost any location. It even allows you to see nearby electric charges too. Furthermore, you can view the parking places using Google StreetView which enables you to see the space and how feasible it is for your vehicle.

What’s more, AppyParking also displays the prices for each car parking areas so you can choose convenience or cost, or sometimes both, to suit your needs. Don’t have change for the parking meter? Simply use the app to pay. You can also drop a pin on the map to see the parking restrictions of the road. As well as this you can receive walking routes back to the car in case you forget where you have parked.

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