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How To Improve The Performance Of Your Automatic Transmission

As an owner of an automatic transmission, you probably know how expensive a transmission replacement can be. A transmission repair can also be a meticulous job which can leave you without your car for a prolonged period. As an automatic car owner, it is essential to look after your transmission, but you will often want to improve its performance too. Follow these simple tips to help improve the performance of your automatic transmission.

Three ways to improve the performance of your automatic car

1. Keep an eye on the transmission fluid

A vital indicator of a healthy transmission is the fluid. After taking your vehicle for a spin, take a moment to look under the vehicle for any leaking fluid. You should also regularly check the dipstick to make sure the transmission fluid is still clean and doesn’t have any particles in the fluid. If it is dark in colour, it is time to change the fluid as soon as possible.

2. Heavy load? Lower the gears

One of the best ways to improve the performance of your vehicle is to make sure you are always using the right setting for your transmission. If you are operating your car with a heavy load or are driving through traffic, congestion or through a town, then make sure to use the drive selection for your transmission. Don’t use overdrive as this will put too much pressure on the gears which can cause slippage and damage.

3. Check tyre tracking

One aspect that is often neglected is the tyre tracking and alignment. However, this can make a big difference to your transmission performance as it can change how your vehicle operates in driving conditions. Check your tyres for lumps, bulges or uneven wear. If you suspect the alignment is out, take it for a tracking service.

As well as tyre tracking, it is also important to check that you have a correct tyre size for your vehicle. Having the wrong tyres will mean the transmission will wear out quickly due to overloading or over speeding.

Save your transmission with Milta Technology
While we want to help you to improve transmission performance, we can also be here for you when your transmission is having problems. We offer same day gearbox replacements as well as automatic transmission repair to keep your car working as good as new. If your gearbox is struggling, pop us an email at [email protected] and tell us what’s wrong.

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