Common Automatic Transmission Driving Mistakes MILTA Technology

Common Automatic Transmission Driving Mistakes

At Milta Technology, we are specialists in automatic gearbox repairs. We see many different gearbox issues. Some damaged gearboxes come from poor replacement work done previously, some are due to manufacturing errors, and some gearbox faults are a result of wear and tear. As an automatic gearbox replacement can be a hugely inconvenient expense for drivers, it is essential to look after the gearbox and the vehicle to extend the life of the gearbox.

There are several different mistakes made when driving that can damage an automatic gearbox. To keep your car as new for as long as possible, avoid these common driving mistakes with your automatic transmission vehicle.

Three common automatic gearbox driving mistakes

1. Going down a hill in neutral

Sliding a car down a hill in neutral is a common habit of saving fuel costs for many drivers. However, when completing this in neutral, means that you cut the oil supply to the transmission. Without the oil supply, the transmission does not have the correct amount of lubrication that it needs. You will not enjoy a smooth operation and will result in considerable wear and damage. The small amount of fuel saving will not be worth the cost of the repair.

2. Not warming up the engine

Impatience often means to we do not wait long enough to warm up the engine before setting off on the drive. When it is cold, the oil is thicker and moves slower. Slow oil means it may not have run into the transmission and therefore will not have lubricated all the necessary parts. No lubrication means significant internal damage. Instead, start the engine and wait a few minutes until the oil has had time to warm up. This is especially important during cold winter months.

3. Shifting to neutral at the traffic lights

Another mistake that people make with automatic gearboxes is switching to neutral when waiting at the traffic lights. People will do this to try and save on fuel, but the saving is minimal. Instead, damage can occur when repeatedly switching in and out of neutral mode, especially if the car is not entirely stationary. Protect your gearbox by braking in drive mode; it will save money in the long run.

Problem with your gearbox?
If your automatic gearbox is having problems, then speak to the team at Milta Technology where we can help with individual and friendly support that is praised by all VAG group brands.

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