Is driving a car while being pregnant safe? MILTA Technology

Is driving a car while being pregnant safe?

Nowadays road travel is so frequent that hardly anyone can avoid it. As it turns out, pregnancy is not an obstacle when it comes to driving a car (unless the doctor suggests differently). Naturally, a pregnant woman has to follow some safety recommendations.

First of all, it must be stated that wearing a seatbelt is mandatory. Women should wear them in a way so that the seatbelt does not harm the fetus. During an accident, not having seatbelt fastened means that the whole impact of steering wheel affects the abdominal area which causes problems like placental abruption or uterine rupture.

Apart from the seatbelt, there are also other factors regarding safe driving, like the proper distance from the steering wheel (ca. 25 cm) or remembering about activating front airbags. A pregnant woman should also bear in mind that her belly grows in next months of pregnancy. That is why as the months proceed, she should adjust the seat in a vertical position in order to feel comfortable. Some women (especially those with late pregnancy) claim that wearing a pelvic band is also useful.

Last but not least, the woman shall never forget about comfortable clothes. High heels are not desirable – they affect the spine too much. So wear flat, comfortable shoes and loose clothes. Long routes are not good for the condition of the pregnancy. That is why frequent stops are so necessary as during them a woman can go out of the car, take a walk which results in better blood circulation.

There is no clear answer to the question of when a woman should stop driving. All depends on their condition and general mood. However, they should avoid driving in their last month of pregnancy.

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