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How To Detect Problems With Your Brakes And Why You Shouldn’t Put Off A Repair

The brakes in a vehicle are one of the most, if not the most, critical safety component of all. Without working brakes, you wouldn’t be able to stop the car moving, and that would put you, your passengers and everyone in the vicinity in real danger of injury or worse.

From time to time, components in cars may become damaged, or they may begin to fail. Brakes are no different. It’s always a good idea to get any problem checked out as early as possible as putting repairs off will hit your pocket hard further down the line. It’s expensive to have a full on brake replacement done, but if you spot the issues early, you definitely won’t need as much work doing, saving yourself a few quid in the process.


Four warning signs to look out for with your brakes:

 1. Brake warning light on

If the brake warning light is illuminated on your dashboard, it could be your car telling you that there is a problem. Remember, the light could also be indicating you’re due for an inspection or that your handbrake is on.

2. Abnormal sounds

If you hear a screeching, squealing, squeaking or a grinding, it may be indicating that your brake pads need the once over by an expert. Worn pads can start to damage to other parts, which will cost you more to get repaired. So, if you hear an unusual sound, get it checked out.

3. Shaking or vibrating when braking

These sensations are common when there is a rotor issue. It is often felt through shaking in the steering wheel or a vibration when the brake is applied. Rotors are usually smooth, but over time they can develop problems. Get this looked at as soon as possible because if the metal becomes warped, it could set you back quite a bit.

4. Burning smell

If, after braking hard a few times, you start to notice a sort of burning smell coming from the car, you need to pull over and allow your brakes to cool. If your brake fluid hits the boiling point, the brakes could actually fail. Putting you and everyone around you in danger.


There are numerous things you should look out for when it comes to your braking system. The above are the most common. If you hear an unusual sound or smell burning or even notice something different when you apply the brakes, get it checked out as soon as possible.


Visit your mechanic today

By not getting problems looked at by a professional, you could be putting yourself and everyone around you at the risk of serious harm unnecessarily. Ignoring a potential issue won’t make the problem go away either. It will just cost you more money to resolve further down the line.

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