Be careful to stay away from car crime hotspots MILTA Technology

Be careful to stay away from car crime hotspots

Watch out for specific regions in the UK which have a higher rate of car theft! The top 10 of the most targeted areas among car thieves are: Lancashire, Leicestershire, Merseyside, Hertfordshire, West Yorkshire, Surrey, Kent, Essex, West Midlands, Greater Manchester and Greater London. Those are the top picks areas between possible car crimes.

Additionally, you need to be even more careful if you own an Audi in Merseyside area, as this model is the most frequently stolen car there. Hertfordshire thieves top pick is Land Rovers. Car thieves in Surrey and Greater Manchester favour Mercedez-Benz. In Essex and West Midlands the most attacked car is BMW, while the Range Rover owners should worry the most in Greater London.

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