How Do You Fix Delayed Engagement In An Automatic Gearbox? MILTA Technology

How Do You Fix Delayed Engagement In An Automatic Gearbox?

Delayed engagement is, at best, an annoyance. It is usually only a symptom of a bigger problem. If left unattended, it will turn into a more serious, and more expensive problem. So, if you are experiencing delayed engagement, then it is wise to get it looked at sooner rather than later.

Diagnosing The Cause

To fix delayed engagement, you need to identify what’s causing it. One of the first things to check is your transmission fluid. Problems with your transmission fluid suggest that the problem is caused by wear inside your transmission – most likely the seals or bands. 

Low transmission fluid causes wear on the internals of your transmission. Burnt or discoloured transmission fluid indicates that the problem is either in your pump or your filter. The internal wear causes the engagement delay. However, you will likely need to give your pump and filter some maintenance as well.

If your transmission fluid looks fine, then that suggests that the problem might lie with the shift solenoids.

Fixing The Problem

Unfortunately, you can’t just replace or top up your transmission fluid to fix the problem; in some cases, this may only make things worse. Your issue may have been started because your transmission fluid couldn’t cool the engine properly. However, once you begin experiencing delayed engagement, it means that there is damage inside the transmission as well.

Identifying the source of the problem is the first step. The next step is replacing the worn parts inside your transmission. This is best left to automatic transmission repair experts. 

Preventing A Problem

Preventing the problem is a lot cheaper than fixing it. Keeping an eye on your transmission fluid is the best thing you can do. You want to get into the habit of regularly checking your fluid. Check that you have enough in and that the level is constant. You should also check the colour and smell. If either change it is an early warning sign you should follow up on.

Part of your regular maintenance should include flushing your transmission fluid. You or your mechanic should do this every 60,000 miles. This will extend the life of your transmission and reduce the number of problems you have.

However, if you do have a problem, then Milta Technology is here to help. As VAG Group automatic transmission experts, we offer high-quality transmission repairs and replacements to ensure your vehicle runs perfectly.

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