The Benefits Of Hybrid Transmissions MILTA Technology

The Benefits Of Hybrid Transmissions

Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular. They offer the convenience of a traditional fuel-based vehicle, while also giving many of the benefits of an electric vehicle. There are several different types of hybrid system available, and they are not all equal. Before you consider the benefits of a hybrid system, you should know what sort of hybrid you are looking at.

Types of Hybrid Systems

Basic Hybrid – These use the electrical motor to give a power boost to the engine. They can reclaim some energy from the braking system. You can not drive on electric power alone.

Full Hybrid – Has a large battery and can run on electrical power alone. Uses electrical power at low speeds, and the engine switches at higher speeds. They recover energy from the braking system.

Plug-in-Hybrid – Has a larger battery that can be plugged in. This gives it a much longer electric range. The fuel motor only takes over when the battery drops below a certain level.

The Main Benefits of a Hybrid Transmission

The size of benefit you will get from an electric transmission will vary depending on the type of hybrid system. The benefits are much more significant for the full, or plug-in-hybrid.

Environmentally Friendly – Any distance that you drive using the power from an electrical battery will reduce the carbon footprint of your car. This is especially true in models that use regenerative braking.

Lower Running Costs – The power gained from regenerative braking is essentially free. Any miles you travel using this power are free. The cost per mile travelled under electrical energy is much lower than using conventional fuels.

Lightweight – Hybrid cars are designed and built to be lightweight. This is to let you get the most from the electric battery. This means that they are even more economical to run than a traditional car.

Convenient and Flexible – Having a hybrid gives you the best of both worlds. You are not tethered to charging points. If you pull into a service station and there is no charging point, or they are all full, then you aren’t stuck the way you might be with an electric car. You can be more flexible while still doing your part for the environment.

At Milta Technology, we can conduct transmission repairs and replacements on VAG group hybrid vehicles, so if ever your hybrid car has a problem, you can rely on us to get it sorted for you.

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