Why Do I Need To Service My Automatic Transmission? MILTA Technology

Why Do I Need To Service My Automatic Transmission?

More and more drivers are making the switch to automatic vehicles. The many benefits are difficult to ignore, including easy hill starts, effortless traffic control and minimal maintenance. However, automatic transmissions are not entirely maintenance-free and still need some care and attention. You might have heard that automatic transmissions need servicing just like a manual vehicle, but how necessary is this?

About Automatic Transmissions

To get a good understanding of the importance of servicing your vehicle, you need to get your head around how an automatic transmission works. The transmission works to transfer torque to the wheels from the engine in order to provide power. When you have a manual transmission, this is done when you select the correct gear for your driving conditions.

Automatic transmissions work in a different way, as they select the gear for you without any need for intervention. Just like a manual, automatic cars have a fixed number of gear ratios.

Why Service An Automatic Transmission?

While automatic vehicles are relatively maintenance-free compared with their manual counterparts, they still benefit from servicing. Although many manufacturers will say that automatic transmission should last 300,000 to 450,000km before having any issues, this isn’t always the reality.

Many cars start to experience transmission issues after 150,000km, and regular servicing can help to prevent these issues. While transmission fluid changes aren’t always recommended by manufacturers; the truth is that fluids will often deteriorate with age.

Do I Have A Transmission Problem?

If your automatic vehicle starts behaving strangely, then it is likely that the transmission has a problem. Most symptoms will start off slowly and get worse over time, as the transmission deteriorates over time. The earlier you detect issues and service the transmission, the better. Changing transmission fluid can help to restore the performance of the car even when symptoms are in the early stages. While there is no guarantee that this will fix the problem, many drivers find that it works and is an inexpensive fix. Having to replace an automatic transmission is very pricy, and regular servicing can avoid this expense.

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