Why Is My Vehicle Leaking Transmission Fluid? MILTA Technology

Why Is My Vehicle Leaking Transmission Fluid?

If you spot a red or brown fluid leaking from your vehicle and dripping onto the road, garage or driveway, then this is not a sign you should ignore. It is likely that this red fluid is automatic transmission fluid, and if it is leaking or dripping onto the ground, then there could be a serious problem. So, what should you do if your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid?

Is leaking transmission fluid normal?

It is important to stress that transmission fluid should never leak from your vehicle. If it does leak, then it is a sign of a problem with your car that needs diagnosing and fixing urgently. While leaking transmission fluid should never happen under normal circumstances, it is one of the most common issues that people with an automatic vehicle face.

What happens if transmission fluid levels are low?

Transmission fluid levels should stay stable in your vehicle, and they should not reduce because of the time and mileage you do. Do not confuse this with oil, which will decrease over time and mileage. So, if your transmission fluid levels have dropped or are low, then it is likely that there is a leak somewhere in your vehicle.

Remember, even low fluid is not something to ignore. If you have low levels of transmission fluid, then there will be a higher level of friction in the transmission, which can cause excessive wear and tear and may even cause components to break. This could ultimately cause a complete breakdown of your automatic transmission which means you will need an automatic gearbox repair or replacement.

Tip: It is always best to catch leaking transmission fluid early, so it is wise to check the fluid levels in your car regularly so you can notice if your transmission fluid levels are dropping.

How to fix leaking transmission fluid

The best thing to do if you spot leaking transmission fluid is to speak to a mechanic who can diagnose where the leak may be coming from. Often it can be as simply as replacing a hose or gasket which is relatively cheap to repair. It is best to sort it at a low-cost service such as this than to pay for an expensive gearbox replacement if you continue to ignore the issue.

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