Top Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Car’s Battery MILTA Technology

Top Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Car’s Battery

Getting stranded because of a flat battery can be incredibly stressful no matter where you are when it happens. Of course, batteries to have a specific life span and you will need to replace your car’s battery at regular intervals. However, there are things you can do to make sure you get the most (and your money’s worth) from every battery you buy. So, how can you make your battery last longer?

  1. Drive regularly

If your car is not used for several days, then it may not have sufficient charge to start itself.  If possible, try to take your vehicle for a few trips every few days so that your vehicle has enough charge.

  1. Make a long trip

If most of your car trips are less than 20 miles, then the battery in your car will not have enough time to recharge fully. Every so often, it is wise to complete a long trip in your car, which is over 20 miles, to ensure your vehicle can fully recharge.

  1. Keep it warm

While you don’t need to install underfloor heating for where you park your car, it is vital to protect your battery from the cold as much as possible. The reason for this is that the cold can inhibit the power output of the battery. Furthermore, cold weather puts more demand on the battery, such as heating. If you can store your car in a garage or anywhere that is out of the cold in any way can really help your vehicle.

  1. Utilise battery checks

Many garages will offer a free battery check or can check the battery during a service. It is wise to ask about this result so you can be prepared for when you may need to replace your battery.

  1. Turn lights off

When you leave your car, make sure everything is turned off. It is essential to check all your doors are correctly shut as even just one light (such as the boot light) being left on can drain the battery of all its charge.

  1. Use only essentials

There are so many appliances we now use in our cars which can drain the battery. From phone chargers, satnavs, heated seats and entertainment systems, all of which require electricity to power them. It may help to reduce your usage to just the essentials.

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